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weight loss

Getting to a healthier weight can be a complicated endeavor. A weight loss coach helps you find the diet that works for you AND gives you as much support, encouragement, and accountability as you need. Your coach is also there to help you improve your emotional relationship with food for the long term and make sure you are taking care of and loving the person you are now, regardless of the numbers on a scale. 12 week session, $500 for half hour weekly coaching.

abundance diet

Sometimes, the best diet means eating MORE! More plants, more fiber, more food prepared at home, more water -- let's take a look at what, when, where, and how you're eating and find ways to increase the amount of healthy food you eat every day. 12 week session, $500 for half hour weekly coaching.


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healthy habits

Small changes can create great results. Your coach will help you identify 3 habits you'd like to change, abandon, or incorporate so that you're taking better care of yourself. We'll break them down into bite-sized pieces and help you hold yourself accountable as you work towards making new behaviors into sustainable habits. 9 week session, $400 for half hour weekly coaching.

integrated exercise

Physical activity CAN be a part of your every day. When we don't have time, energy, or the inclination to "work out" today, many of us will simply skip it, which can often leave us even less likely to exercise tomorrow. But physical activity doesn't always have to involve a trip to the gym or an exercise regime. You and your coach will develop a plan to better integrate physical activity and exercise into your daily routines, boosting your mood, improving your productivity, and improving your overall health. 12 week session, $500 for half hour weekly coaching.

The Connected Couple

You and your partner get the opportunity to identify, celebrate, and examine the values you share. What are your ties that bind, and how can they help you be amazing to each other? Each partner gets one-on-one time with the coach, then we bring it all together for a fun, joyous celebration of your partnership. Yay you (plural)! $200 for the three sessions.

sleep boot camp

Drop and give me 8 hours! If you're like most Americans, you aren't getting enough sleep. Our 60 day sleep "boot camp" prioritizes both quantity and quality of sleep, helping you find ways to ensure that you're sleeping enough, waking up refreshed, and planning your waking hours so that you can maintain healthy sleeping habits. 8 week session, $360 for half hour weekly coaching.

choose your own adventure

You know WHAT you need to do, you just need help with HOW. Or maybe you know your goal, but need help planning the journey. Or perhaps what you need is to have someone ready with motivation, feedback, and encouragement as you make lifestyle changes. We're ready to help you plan your own journey towards better health and travel that path with you. 12 week session, $500 for half hour weekly coaching.

The buddy system

Any of our sessions are available in twin packs! When people get healthier with a partner, everyone gets more out of it:  more support, more accountability, more fun, more love. Spouse, work buddy, BFF -- you choose your best partner, we'll coach you as an unbeatable team. Each partner saves 20% off the individual session price, please ask for details.

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