Learn to change...ONLINE!

Coming to one of our workshops in person can be tough, or downright impossible, for some folks. Out-of-town clients can't drop everything to fly to Minnesota for a 2-hour workshop (though it's a great place to visit, I'm just saying...). Even locals can't always take the time or have a conflict or have to work when I'm offering workshops.

Enter the e-learning course! I've just launched an online version of my favorite (and most popular) workshop, the How to Change workshop. Almost everyone who is working on their health and wellness can see habits or behaviors that they would like to change -- maybe it's foods you eat, maybe it's foods you don't eat, maybe it's a pattern in how you react to someone else's behavior, maybe it's optimizing your bedtime routine for healthy sleep. But how do people change successfully? Why have I tried and failed before? How can I motivate myself to make this new habit stick?

Change is a process, and, similar to the grieving process, it's got stages that all people go through when making a change. Understanding the stages can free you from the self-recriminations that sometimes go along with feeling "unsuccessful" -- you aren't unsuccessful, you're just in a different stage than you thought you were! Plus, the videos are accompanied by worksheets that you can use to really dive in to the material and give yourself the best opportunity to make progress on a particular change.

Interested? Hop over to our workshops page and sign up.