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Love yourself healthy

You're amazing.

You are completely worthy of love and care. You're also capable of giving yourself great care and advocating to get the care you need from others. But you don't have to do it alone.

Love Self Coaching supports clients as they develop habits that take good care of themselves. We help people assess their behaviors, choices, and circumstances with empathy and honesty, and we work together with an eye toward healing and supporting the client as a whole person.

Whether you're looking to take good care of yourself through your diet, your physical activities, your mental habits, or your lifestyle choices, Love Self Coaching can help you find the methods that work for you, the information you need, and the motivation to follow through.





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You deserve love and care.

diet and nutrition

What we eat is one of the most fundamental ways we take care of ourselves. Whether you're looking to introduce new foods, lose weight, identify food sensitivities, or just develop a better relationship with food, Love Self Coaching can help you develop ways of eating that fit your life and support your self-care.

physical activity

Human bodies need movement. Physical activity supports better physical AND emotional health. If you're interested in increasing or modifying your activity level safely and sustainably, Love Self Coaching can help. We'll look at how you're moving (and not moving) and explore ways to be active that fit your life and contribute to your long-term health.

sleep and relaxation

You know how much sleep or a lack of it affects how you feel, how you function, and your overall health. Love Self Coaching helps you find ways to prioritize rest and relaxation so you have more energy for the other things you want to do. Get the good night's sleep that you deserve!


It's great to want to improve and change for the better, but you are also amazing exactly as you are! Every Love Self Coaching program works to help clients love and care for the person they are, rather than withholding love until a particular change is effected. We help clients recognize and celebrate who they are today and every day.



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